DCKP – We are fundamental


We are fundamental

Everything in the world has a foundation. At the heart of any building is the foundation – this is its underground part, which perceives the entire load of a building object. The basis of the drilling rig are drill collars that are used to generate an axial load on the rock cutting tools to enhance the rigidity of the column bottom. It is this foundation or fulcrum that ensures the stable operation of any mechanism. We are fundamental. That says it all. In addition, the point is a visual display of the plant's products – pipes. When developing the idea, an analogy was drawn between the weighted drill and lead pipes, which lie at the base of the drilling rigs and the approach of the company. Positioning was found – «We are fundamental».



The project team

Art Director

Yilia Evenko

Project Manager

Eugenia Bodnaruk

Market Analyst

Elina Radchenko

Graphic Designer

Michael Rafaylik

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