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Make the world happy

Is it possible to make the world happy? Of course yes! We stand for fresh, healthy and tasty turkey meat on every table. Our nature is rich: clean air, green meadows, fields, clear water. All this enables the turkey meat of the company «Indychka» to be the best in the world. A turkey bird can safely be called a «bird of happiness», since its use in food contributes to the development of the «hormone of joy» – serotonin. Brand value supported by a logo and corporate identity. The environmental trend that is popular and in demand all over the world is not expressed by habitual and boring greens, but by clear blue clear air.




The project team

Art Director

Yulia Evenko

Market Analyst

Elina Radchenko

Project Manager

Irina Bozadzhieva

Graphic Designer

Michael Rafaylik

Font Designer

Michael Rafaylik

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