Mysli est – We thought and cooked

Mysli est

We thought and cooked

The name of the restaurant «Mysli est» translated from Russian means «Have thoughts» or «Eat thoughts». Indeed, such different meanings! This is a pun in the word «есть» which means «eat» or «have» or «exist». We have developed the positioning, logo, illustrations, website and interior design of the restaurant. What could be better than delicious food? Only that it is also healthy! Gastronomic club «Mysli est» is designed for those who are conscious about food and who want to live healthy, as well as active, stylish, fun, beautiful and tasteful.




The project team

Art Director

Yilia Evenko

Market Analyst

Elina Radchenko

Graphic Designer

Maryna Smiyan


Maryna Smiyan

Interior designer

Maryna Tokarenko

Wall Painter

Ehor Avdeenko


Sergei Kolesnikov

Film Editor

Petr Krishtop

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