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Pava in a figurative colloquial sense means a woman with a proud, stately posture and a smooth gait. In «The Tale of Tsar Saltan» by Alexander Pushkin, we meet the lines: «She herself is sweet of face, full of majesty and grace. When she speaks, her voice doth seem like the music of a stream». In the original, the second line sounds like «goes like a pava». When developing the name, we focused on the harmony, maximum simplicity, emotionality and memorability, but at the same time, the name «Pava beauty» is light, elegant and can have several interpretations. So, pava is a lady-peacock, and the peacock is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful and bright birds. Its plumage captivates and delights with its grace and complexity of execution. If you study the feather of a bird in more detail, you can see thousands of small feathers fastened together by hooks. In other words, at the «Pava beauty» school of cosmetology, the best beauty experts are waiting for you, who will teach the filigree and sophisticated subtleties of the work of a cosmetologist, at «Pava beauty» everything is aimed at making a woman proud of her beauty. The «Pava beauty» logo is simply about complex or accessible about beauty. Absolutely simple and concise font spelling is combined with a semantic image of the first letter of the name. The logo highlights both the basics of beauty and innovative directions.



The project team

Art Director

Yulia Evenko

Project Manager

Irina Bozadzhieva

Graphic Designer

Konstantin Povaliy


Elina Radchenko

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