Sumy – See what matters


See what matters

Today Sumy is more than the usual Altanka, «Sumykhimprom» and roses. The city every day is becoming more interesting, active and creative. It is important that these changes occur due to the efforts of its inhabitants. At the same time, most residents of the city are accustomed to the stereotypical perception of their hometown and simply don't notice some new and interesting things. Therefore, the brand's goal was to show what is important in the life of the city and what is really important to see. The brand of Sumy speaks about important things. It is about love, family, dreams, search, achievements, it is about life itself. The advertising slogan «See what matters» combines two areas of «important to see» – material values and achievements, and «see the important» – emotions and feelings. The visual image of the brand through emotional images opens up a new interesting and active city, shows modern citizens, their emotions, achievements, everyday life, and also reflects the history, culture, architecture of the city. The own font was created for the city's brand, created so that uppercase and lowercase letters were of equal importance. This technique shows that for Sumy not only major events are important, but small ones are important too.




The project team

Art Director

Yulia Evenko

Project Manager

Irina Bozadzhieva


Elina Radchenko

Graphic Designer

Michael Rafaylik

Font Designer

Michael Rafaylik


Sergei Kolesnikov

Film Editor

Petr Krishtop

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