Trostyanets – Trostyanets is You


Trostyanets is You

Trostyanets community is known throughout Ukraine, characterized by active development and a host of annual events. These are festivals of various directions, sports competitions of the all-Ukrainian level, concerts, contests, historical reconstructions, as well as many other things that make the Trostyanets community unique in our country. Such an active community needs a brand that can motivate and encourage actions and new achievements. And such a brand was the emotional message «Trostyanets community is You». We all want to be free and have the courage to realize our dreams. However, in everyday life we often come across criticism and advices to be realistic. But if your reality is the realization of bold dreams and projects, then you share the vision of the Trostyanets community. This is where you can be yourself. It is here: you live to the fullest. You collect moments. You create your route of impressions. Here you are NEW! You are changing. You are at the center of decision making. The logo is a visualization of the brand's main idea: Trostyanets community is you. As part of the work on the brand, an emotional corporate graphic was developed, which is a unique illustration visualizing the main areas of society, embodied in 6 characters. To reinforce the idea and visual component of the brand, we created the brand language and a series of slogans: «Trostianemo!» (change, do, will). «Trostyantsyuy!» (dance, rejoice, guests). «Trostyanovo!» (new, great).



The project team

Art Director

Yulia Evenko

Project Manager

Irina Bozadzhieva


Elina Radchenko


Maryna Smiyan

Graphic Designer

Tatiana Polkovnikova

3D Designer

Maryna Tokarenko


Sergei Kolesnikov

Film Editor

Petr Krishtop

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