Video about the city of Sumy – Hi, my name is Sumy

Video about the city of Sumy

Hi, my name is Sumy

How to look at Sumy in a completely different way? This is exactly the task we set ourselves when we started working on this project. The brand of the city was introduced almost two years ago, and when we started making videos about the city, we realized that it was time to reveal it from a new angle. So, imagine that Sumy is your friend with whom you are sitting in a cafe right now and talking. And we will introduce him to boost your imagination: Sumy Anton Sergeevich Age: 26 years. Young and fresh, although he is slightly shabby, especially after drinking alcohol. He loves spring and summer, but from November till February loses his activity, becomes lazy, and says «I'll do it later.» He does not have a very conspicuous appearance, but after you meet him, you have an unexpectedly pleasant impression and a desire to continue communication. It's easy to get in touch – a few words and you're already having a conversation at the bar. The simplicity behind the intellect, the good sense of humor, and the hundreds of fascinating stories are unbelievable. He's a real goodfella! There is a tattoo with the phrase «It does not matter where, but it is important with whom.» He is not calm and haste. He loves compactness. He is so naive. He has trusted the wrong people who used his kindness a few times. He is freedom-loving and ready to fight for his freedom. Some of the relatives have been very successful in the past and this «success» haunts during his life, hindering movement and development. His favorite question when he wakes up is «yes, what's next?». In this aspect, Sumy is a seeker who tries to answer it and open new doors for his future!




The project team

Art Director

Yulia Evenko


Elina Radchenko

Project Manager

Irina Bozadzhieva

Screenwriter / Speaker

Anatolii Bondar

Editing graphics / sound / design

Petr Krishtop


Sergei Kolesnikov

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